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Ancient Maps Unearthed from Fang-Ma-TanQin Tomb and Ma-Wang Dui Han Tomb-A Comparison Study 期刊论文
The Journal of Chinese Geography, 1992, 卷号: 3, 期号: 4
Authors:  Cao WR(曹婉如)
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Interior Synthetic Geography——Chinese Traditional Geography 期刊论文
The Journal of Chinese Geography, 1992, 卷号: 3, 期号: 2
Authors:  宋正海;  张九辰
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The Transference of Modern Geology to China(1840-1937),with a Discussion of Basalla's Model 专著章节/文集论文
出自: Interchange of Geoscience Ideas between the East and the West, Beijing, Beijing:China Univ. of Grosciences Pr., China Univ. of Grosciences Pr., 1991, 页码: 31-40
Authors:  Yang JY(杨静一)
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Characteristics in the Development of the Map in China' Ming Dynasty 会议论文
, 不祥, 1988
Authors:  Cao WR(曹婉如)
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古代矿山——云南东川铜矿、山西中条山铜矿 期刊论文
有色金属(国际版), 1980, 期号: 2
Authors:  李仲均
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